Our Agents can earn over 100%


At EXIT Realty, we provide a unique opportunity for agents to earn more than 100% with no desk fees. Traditional real estate is two-dimensional; taking listings and making sales. The EXIT Formula is revolutionizing the real estate industry with its third dimension; single-level residual income. Only EXIT Associates can earn 10% sponsoring residuals, 7% retirement residuals and 5% beneficiary benefits through a process known as sponsoring. Watch the video for more information then ask yourself if you could do anything with a million dollars in your bank account in 10 years. If your answer is yes, contact us for a confidential conversation.


Commonly utilized in the insurance and music industries, residual income is earned when someone does the work once and is paid over and over again for the work done. EXIT Realty has introduced the concept of single-level residual income to the real estate industry and with the EXIT Formula, now everyone in the Corporation can receive a “piece of the action" for helping to build EXIT through a process known as sponsoring.


When a salesperson is introduced to management and recruited into EXIT as a new member, each transaction that they close generates a bonus equivalent to 10% of the gross commissions earned by the new member, payable to the individual who sponsored them into the company. The bonus is paid via EXIT's head office and not subtracted from the new member's commissions. It continues perpetually for as long as the new member stays with EXIT and generates sales.


Should an EXIT salesperson decide to take a break or retire from selling real estate, his or her 10% sponsoring bonuses convert to 7% retirement residuals. The retiring salesperson retains the privilege of enhancing his or her income while in retirement by continuing to sponsor salespeople into the company.


Should something happen to you, your 10% sponsoring bonuses or 7% retirement residuals convert to 5% beneficiary benefits providing added security for your family.

The more people you sponsor into EXIT, the more you can increase your residual income. EXIT Realty annually pays out many millions of dollars in residual bonuses as a perpetual "thank you" for helping to build the company.


Isn't it time you considered making the finest decision of your real estate career? Contact us today for detailed information on regional, franchise and career opportunities with EXIT Realty.

The EXIT Formula unlocks explosive earnings potential. Discover how much additional income you could earn by trying out our residuals calculator.

Important Note: This fun residual calculator is an estimation tool only designed to help you evaluate the unlimited income potential of the EXIT Formula. The results displayed do not take into consideration factors such as the sponsoring bonus fee, market shifts, variations in agent and sponsor productivity, and more. 
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