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Agent Testimonials

Hear from our agents why they chose and stay with EXIT Cape Realty

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"Dave Harris and EXIT Cape Realty have been an extremely valuable resource in building my real estate business here on the Cape. Over the last three years, I have developed a successful real estate team specializing in medium to high-end listings and Dave Harris is my absolute go-to "Sounding board" when I run into issues that seems to happen on every Deal. Also, I like receiving way above average splits on my commissions."

- Dave Dubuque, EXIT Cape Realty Brewster

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"Being a Realtor at EXIT Cape Realty has been extremely rewarding in so many ways. Dave Harris, Broker/Owner is a supportive and encouraging leader. He is greatly respected by all of us at EXIT Cape Realty. Dave consistently goes above and beyond to help the EXIT Cape Realty team achieve their goals. Dave understands the importance of client relationships and that our personal and family commitments are equally important and encourages a health work-life balance. The team at Exit Cape Realty has the utmost respect and appreciation for all that Dave does in supporting our personal and professional development. Dave is an accomplished Broker/Owner, welcoming and easy to talk to and always available and ready to help each of us. In addition, Dave is an owner and educator at Cape Realty School and stays up to date on the latest in the Real Estate world.


Our incredible administrators Cheryl and Suzanne are behind the scenes at EXIT Cape Realty and are here for all of us doing whatever it takes to make our job easier in or out of the office. Here at EXIT Cape Realty, we have a terrific team of Realtors who are here for each other, always willing to lend a hand and help one another. A huge thank you to the EXIT Cape Realty team for all that you do!"

- Helen Canepari, EXIT Cape Realty North Falmouth

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"Size, location, reputation, culture, support, training and teamwork all matter as well as flexibility, work environment and potential. Every agent weighs those factors and makes the decision that is best for them, individually. EXIT Realty is an international company with over 500 offices in North America. It provides us with a full range of training, support, networking and the latest real estate tools and technology. At EXIT Cape Realty, our broker and agents, in 3 offices, have decades of experience on and off Cape Cod and the Islands. As a member of this team, you are poised to succeed and have the flexibility to pursue your personal goals in a collegial, supportive environment. Whether you join a team or prefer to be a single contributor, EXIT gives you the freedom to make your real estate vision a reality."

- Pam Alden, EXIT Cape Realty North Falmouth

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"I just wanted to touch briefly on EXIT Cape Realty and what it’s meant to me and my growth within the industry. I am a newer agent with a little over a year experience, the reason I choose EXIT Cape Realty is that I truly believe that they are fully enveloped in wanting you to succeed as an individual and branding yourself. They genuinely care about your success both personally and professionally within the industry and in your home-life.


I have had nothing but positive vibes from the beginning and it starts at the top with Dave Harris, the Broker/Owner. He is an excellent resource for any questions, information or guidance throughout the process. The admins are on top of everything. Anytime you have a question regarding paperwork or situations that come up, they are always there to help you. You also get that same support with the other agents. There is a friendly competitiveness there but everybody truly wants everyone to succeed within the company and you can really feel that there is a lot of love to go around. Being in a profession like this where it can be cut throat, it's very nice to be in an environment where you are surrounded by people that genuinely want you to succeed. When you are starting out your real estate career this is crucial to be able to have people that you rely on, you can trust, and that believe in you. So that’s a key factor for me to be able to have that support and foundation is what is ultimately going to get you to that very successful career.  I stand by EXIT Cape Realty. I am an EXIT member. I feel like I always will be."

- Jameson Cormay, EXIT Cape Realty Cotuit

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"When I was choosing a brokerage that I wanted to work at when I first got my license, EXIT Cape Realty stood out to me because of the culture. It’s a very team oriented office. Our broker is always available for us and it's somewhere that I feel that I have the flexibility to help people to the best of my abilities and when my abilities are lacking, I have a great support system in place to really make sure that I am able to help my clients and get them what they need."

- Heather Brigham, EXIT Cape Realty Cotuit

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I have been asked by friends, family, and customers…why EXIT?


There are many reasons EXIT Cape Realty was my number one choice to work for and with when I was choosing a Real Estate team. The keyword to my previous statement is “TEAM”. A Real Estate Salesperson is very similar to that of an independent contractor. Real Estate Agents are self employed professionals. However, I strongly believe it is imperative to affiliate with a company that does not make you feel as if you are working “alone”. It is imperative to affiliate with a company that you know you can be proud to work for and with. I feel fortunate to have found my “TEAM” with EXIT. EXIT Cape Realty is a company that prides itself on professionalism and integrity, not only with those that work for EXIT but those it affiliates with. EXIT Cape Realty is more than just another Real Estate Company. EXIT Cape Realty is a TEAM – EXIT Cape Realty is a FAMILY!


There were many other real estate agencies that I interviewed, but I kept returning to EXIT! My first few interactions with Broker, David Harris were very sincere and motivating. He is extremely knowledgeable of both managing and working in this market. I often joke with Dave that I certainly did not choose EXIT for its name…and believe me…I didn’t! Although EXIT is a National Company, it is not as familiar of a name on the Cape as it is in many other regions. I knew that the confidence I had in myself combined with that of an honest, fair, and reliable broker is what was important. I knew that those who know me, would choose to work with me as their buying or selling agent, not by the name I work under, rather their desire to work with ME. I felt the same about EXIT. I was not choosing to affiliate myself with EXIT because of a name yet for the confidence I felt with Dave Harris and the support staff and Realtors in the North Falmouth, Cotuit & Brewster offices, as well as the extended TEAM throughout New England and beyond.


EXIT also offers a unique recruiting benefit. I have the opportunity to invite new or seasoned agents to explore our team. If this recruit is invited to be one of our players, then I have the potential of benefitting, personally, up to $10,000 annually, per recruit, so long as the recruit and I are active in the company. This feature, specific to EXIT, not only offers additional income but the ability to name beneficiaries should I pass while my recruits remain active after my existence here on earth…who does that?!


I hope this has given some insight as to why EXIT Cape Realty was my #1 choice to affiliate with. I have always felt, that if I am honest, fair, and professional the rest will fall into place…thankfully it did! Life is too short not to love what you do but to also love who you are doing it with! If you have any questions about joining our TEAM, I am more that happy to chat with you!

- Claudine Wrighter, EXIT Cape Realty North Falmouth

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